3 Week Online Program

Via Instagram:@LaraProMealPrep

$30 per person

Start date May 21

Learn all the different tips and tricks for meal prep!

I get questions on a daily basis about how i prepare my meals for myself and my clients.

“What do you eat? how much” How often?”

“What protein do you use? How much?”

“How do you weigh your food?”

“How do you make sweet potato fries”

“What seasonings do you use? What cooking oils?”

These are just a few!

The majority of people never see fat loss because they can’t seem to understand the nutrition side of the fitness world. The gym is the easy part. What’s done outside of the gym is the most difficult… but it doesn’t have to be. Meal prepping according to your specific needs will make your life a lot easier (as well as saving a ton of money).

This online guide will provide 6-8 meal preps where I will have a variety of dishes/sides made with detailed step by step instructions. I will allow public and private questions about anything and everything! My goal is to make meal prepping as easy as possible.

**This program does not provide individual macro plans — ONLY meal preparation**