Fitness Journey in Japan

As most of you know, I am living in Japan for the next three months with my boyfriend who is playing professional basketball here. It’s his second year here in Japan. I lived with him 6 months out of the 10 months last year but will just be here for 3 months this year due to my career and focusing on things I needed to focus on. My goal was to compete in November 2015 but it didn’t work out for a variety of reasons and that’s ok. That’s life. We often plan for things to happen how we want them to and it just doesn’t always work out how we expect it. This time around, I’m hoping for a different outcome.

For Christmas, Stephan paid for my $2,000 flight here to Japan and my additional gift was his promise to stick by my side during this prep. I’m aiming for a show in April which means the next 3 months here in Japan are dedicated to improving my overall fitness and hitting new goals that I’ve never done before. Having his support is HUGE. That sounds like it should be a given doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. Think about your situation right now…. If you walked in to the room and told your significant other, “Hey, i’m going to compete in a bikini competition. I need you to eat chicken and veggies with me for the next 3 months and we can only have cheat meals once a week. I also need you in the gym during workouts to push me. K, Thanks!” Now what would be the response of your boyfriend/girlfriend? Lol…probably, “Ha, you’re insane!” My point: It’s BIG TIME for him to be going through this with me.

With that being said, I’m super excited to share my journey here for the next few months. I want to blog everything! I want you to see the good, the bad and the ugly and hopefully some major accomplishments not just physically but mentally as well. Most of you know I HATE 90% of the social media fitness craze. I hate it! Hate, Hate Hate! Why? Because it’s not real anymore. Everything is all about selling products, showing boobs, ass, 6 packs and making people believe surgically enhanced, photoshopped guys and girls are fitness experts. Here’s something many people won’t tell you. THEY ARE NOT REAL. THEY ARE SCAMMING YOU. They are taking advantage of people who don’t really know what goes into being a mentally and physically healthy person. It’s honestly sad. I worked my ass off to get to where I am now and to think my credibility is crap because I don’t look like Pamela Anderson (no shade) is just bullsh*t.

I want you all to see the real, raw truth to what goes into it. Now, what i’m doing is a bit extreme. Body building competitors go through a grueling 12-14 (and longer) weeks to achieve their look. Again, another reason I want you to see this. It’s WORK. Not surgery, waist trainers, fat burners or photoshop. What I will be doing isn’t what you need to do in order to be fit and healthy.. it’s pretty extreme. However, I want you to see what the life is like. I’ll go over how my 12-14 week prep is different than the everyday healthy person’s life so you can still see what you should and shouldn’t be doing. I haven’t set an exact show date yet. I have time to decide that. I want to invite you all on this journey in hopes that I may encourage someone who is having a hard time figuring out what being healthy is in 2016. I understand how confusing it can be when marketing and advertising is telling you that you need “this, this this AND this” when in reality, you don’t at all. Stop letting people take your money. End of story.

If anyone has any questions along the way, please feel free to comment on the blog or if you want to, you can send me a private message. I want to inspire, motivation and encourage you. Doing this will help me as well so hopefully everyone wins 😉
Looking forward to sharing my journey! Love you guys!
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Random Japan Gym Facts:

  1. Gyms are EXPENSIVE! I joined two gyms because one is close and I can use that when Stephan is out of town or at practice. The one close to me is $90.00 a month. At this gym, the rules are strict. No talking on the phone ANYWHERE in the gym except front lobby. You have to bring two pair of shoes with you because you can’t wear your street shoes into the gym. Also, you can’t wear either pair of shoes in the locker room. Only socks or bare feet. If you want to use a treadmill/elliptical you have to sign in and write down the time you will be finished. You also have to sign up for a bench, smith machine and the one set of cables they have. Free weights are for anyone (there aren’t many).
  2. The other gym is Gold’s Gym. It’s further away and that is where Stephan and his teammates workout. It’s about $60.00 a month. I love it! It’s old school. Mainly bodybuilders/weight lifters. There aren’t any weird rules except to take your shoes off and change into your gym shoes. (Honestly, everywhere in Japan asks you to take your outdoor shoes off before entering).
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