Part 2: The Beginning- Tokyo and Fitness

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Two and a half weeks in to my prep and I’m starting to see the physical changes (finally!-Woo hoo!). I weigh in tomorrow, the 6th, so I’m not sure of the weight loss at this moment.

Two weeks ago Stephan and I went to Tokyo. It was difficult to stay on track, but we found a place through Air BNB that had a kitchen so I was able to make breakfast and lunch and prepare my snacks for the day. I didn’t work out at all those 4 days, but we walked all day long every day so my legs were pretty shot at the end of each day. Tokyo had an infinite amount of places to eat so finding somewhere for dinner wasn’t a problem. I had salmon and steamed broccoli and carrots two nights and grilled chicken on the others. Stephan wasn’t ready to branch out to the sushi life so I couldn’t try any (bummed).

Tokyo was the only real obstacle I’ve had to face thus far and now that it’s over with there shouldn’t be any more extreme challenges. I’ve been hitting the gym 4-5 days a week. Steve’s (my coach) main focus for me right now is to lift as heavy as I can and to continue to push my poundages in the gym. Before my prep I found myself coasting through workouts. I got comfortable with lifting certain weight for certain exercises and never had the drive to push past it. I was getting bored in the gym and honestly didn’t even feel like being there. This prep has changed my mindset completely. I absolutely LOVE the challenge of pushing my self harder and harder at each workout. Stephan has been my lifting partner the last few weeks and having someone else in the gym with you makes a big difference especially if they are motivated and aren’t there for chit chat. We put our headphones on and get to work!

I’m still eating A LOT. I always laugh when people assume that bikini competitors don’t eat anything because they are “so small”. This couldn’t be more false. I find myself struggling to finish each meal. I’m not complaining because I know eventually things will start to cut back, but for right now I’m never really hungry. I feel strong. I feel motivated. I’m overall excited about my progress in just a few weeks.

As far as my pain goes, I have my ups and downs. This last week has been more of a struggle because I’m pushing my body to new limits. I had a feeling it would happen, but I know how to deal with it this time around. Icing, stretching and rest if necessary. In my past years of training I was so focused on the cardio part that I ran my legs to death. I figured that was the best way to achieve the look I wanted. I obviously didn’t know better. Ignorance got the best of me. After tons of reading and a great coach, i’ve learned that the weights are key. The heavier the better. This also meant eating more, which I wasn’t used to. Because I don’t kill myself 7 days a week, my body has more time to rest and recover which is just as important as the rest of the process.


Overall, the first few weeks have been a success. I haven’t binged. THIS IS BIG. My last couple of preps included many binges. I deprived myself so much that when I tasted a teeny bit of peanut butter, the next thing I knew the whole jar was gone. My new coach allows a cheat meal once a week (for now) so I know I have something to look forward to which is a huge help! I can’t stress the importance of a good, knowledgeable coach and I’m grateful to be learning from one of the best!


I can’t wait to share how the next week or two goes! I’ll be checking in again soon!

First progress photos!

First progress photos!




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